At 23, I was sentenced to 7 years in prison for a crime I didn’t commit. With nothing positive to show for my life up to that point and a massive challenge looming I had a decision to make. Do I give up and let the rest of my life pass me by like the first 23 did or can I face my fears, fight through my pain and pursue the life I’ve always wanted. 

From a small cement box I was able to take control of my life. In that cell I started to create the life of my dreams that I am able to live today. 

I completely transformed my mentality, my routines, and the results I got in my life.

“If I did this from a prison cell, I promise you can take control of your life too! You deserve it and you are far more capable than you realize”!

 I am here to support you 100%


After years of hardship battling addiction, depression, a broken home and abandonment Sean has been able to create the life of his dreams he first envisioned from his prison cell! 

Only three years removed from prison Sean has made a big impact in all areas of life. He is a happily married family man and father to three children. He will tell you that being a loving husband and father is his greatest accomplishment and what he is most proud of to date.

He is the owner and CEO of Sean Crane Coaching, a successful coaching business helping men all over the world massively improve the quality of their lives by overcoming their perceived limitations and cultivating authentic conviction in their self identity,  constructing a winners mindset and creating powerful personal routines that amplify success.

“Prison Of Your Own”

His best selling memoir “ Prison Of Your Own “ describes in depth the struggles he faced early on and how those life experiences shaped him into the man he is today.

 “My time in prison gave me everything I have today.”